Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 memoirs....

Dear all 
2012 taking it short and sweet.
My dearest granddad moved on in May. I was by his side holding his hand. It was difficult but came to accept it. 

Sekhar - as busy as always in his job travelling, venturing into new countries. The world now belongs to ‘Climate Change’ :). He is now 50 yrs wiser.

Shreya – had an exchange semester this spring in Singapore and used this opportunity to the max to travel around in south east Asia including Burma and a dozen other countries.

Sankalp – Sankalp finished the compulsory school years and my little boy gave a big speech in the Middle school closing ceremony on behalf of the student council and made us proud. In addition to  school he has spent last half of the year actively involving himself with a solidarity organization called ‘Operation days work’ and they are doing a commendable job there with children around the world in need and he is enjoying this. 

2012 saw me travelling to India a couple of times. I took my colleagues in India to Andamans and had great fun swimming, snorkeling and Scuba diving. 

  We jumped mid ocean to snorkle around this mountain and the world beneath it was just out of the world :-)
While in India I spent a wonderful day with Rama Ananth and her family in Bangalore and got to meet Kamini just in time before she left for Seattle, and I could get my hands on a small truck load of plants she was leaving behind.
Summer was fun with a trip on our boat into the fjords and islands of Norway 
and so was a cottage trip to the mountains in Norway. 
A 10 day trip to Greece with Shreya and Sekhar was a much needed and relaxed family time, Sankalp could not join us as he was busy in Berlin in the OD seminar. 
The recent trip to Africa was an eye opener for a whole new world out there. Sekhar and I had chilled it out together.

The wonderful women of Africa

Thanking  you all for the wonderful times in 2012 n wishing  you the very very best for 2013!!!!!



  1. What an eventful year, Shanti!! Loved the way you strung together all the events that touched your heart...awesome pictures
    God bless and may 2013 be a more eventful year for you and yours...
    Dont forget - YC... (wink)

  2. very lovely round up shanti...u have a lovely family...god bless and wishing you many happy moments in 2013 as well!

  3. Oh my gosh... What an eventful year... I love how you do so much... and how nicely you still involve your kids... So blessed... I've always meant to travel to Greece.. and Africa... I think that's what I'll plan for this year... Hope you have a lovely 2013... and I sure hope you plan a trip to Dubai this year... so you can come visit me too.... :) Loads of love...

  4. You have nicely summed up the year gone by. You do travel a lot, and you also enjoy every bit of it. This year too will be joyful, and make you do all the wonderful things you want to do